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Publishing that brings people together

At LoveWell Press, we're all about helping parents, kids, and teachers create great experiences together. Learning happens all day, every day—during a quiet conversation at bedtime, a lesson at school, or an adventure at the park. That's why we strive to offer tools that help children, and the adults who guide them, grow together in fun and natural ways. Our books and teaching tools come from authors who want to help the next generation learn to live and love well.

Teaching Critical Thinking in SEL

Our social emotional teaching resources are designed to teach students to think critically, to go beyond the surface to the heart of SEL issues. Books and activities break down complex concepts into terms kids can understand, while emotive imagery and real world scenarios help students connect lessons to their own lives.

Turnkey and Customizable Teaching Resources

Parents and teachers approach situations in their own ways, so our teaching resources can be used stand-alone, or they can be used with one of our prepared lesson plans. Our online catalogs help teachers find just the right worksheet, journaling page, writing prompt, or other resource, that help them integrate lessons easily into their classrooms.

LoveWell Press is based out of Oregon, USA.

LoveWell Press- Publisher of SEL Teaching Resources

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