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Rooted in Decency Book published by LoveWell Press

Rooted in Decency

Finding inner peace in a world gone sideways

What happened to common decency? Drawing on sources from modern science to ancient philosophy, Rooted in Decency reveals intriguing reasons behind today’s divisive culture and it sets a path to reestablishing trust, cooperation, and kindness.

Talking with Trees

Building character and social skills for children

These wise old trees have watched generations grow up and they have just the right words to help children understand important life lessons on being honest, respectful, responsible, and kind.

Talking with Trees Books published by LoveWell Press
Truth Be Told Quotes published by LoveWell Press

Truth Be Told Quotes

Real advice teens need for life

Forget lectures and wishful thinking, Truth Be Told Quotes offers up real wisdom teens need as they grow into responsible, healthy young adults. With an image-based format and quirky humor, Truth Be Told finds the balance between compassion and honesty about the real choices teens need to make to go out into the world with good character.

Super Easy Storytelling

Interactive stories and creative writing

Create silly, interactive stories with children (or take the intimidation out of creative writing) with this fun, super-easy storytelling formula.

Super Easy Storytelling published by LoveWell Press