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Truth Be Told Quotes

Real life advice for teens launching into adulthood

In a world of memes and shareable quotes, Truth Be Told Quotes presents memorable bits of wisdom that help teens through the challenges of growing up into good people.

Truth Be Told Quotes books and accompanying teaching tools help teens with social emotional development topics including healthy decision making, understanding outside influences, developing healthy relationships, being responsible and respectful, building self awareness, and finding happiness through it all.

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Designed for high school health curricula, these activities are a great resource for social emotional and character education lessons. Resources include lesson plans, writing prompts, printable worksheets, mindfulness journaling pages, and more.

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Truth Be Told Quotes Books

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Third Edition:
ISBN Print: 979-8-9867776-1-0 
ISBN eBook: 979-8-9867776-2-7
Second Edition
ISBN Print: 978-17195369-1-2 
ISBN eBook: 978-0-9849056-5-2
Pages: 38
Published: 2018, updated 2020 and 2022

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